Effective protection from
mosquitoes and sandflies
Approved for infants of 6 months or older
as well as pregnant, and lactating women
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Effective Protection

Repels effectively mosquitoes, flies, sandflies, and ticks.

Allerg-STOP Antikounoupiko is a repellent approved for infants(of 6 months or older), pregnant women, lactating women, children and of course all those who seek an effective plant derived solution for mosquito, fly, sandflies, and tick repulsion.

100% active substance of plant origin from eucalyptus leaves

Without environmental consequences

Product Information

Name Name

Allerg-STOP Antikounoupiko

Composition Composition

Eucalyptus citriodora oil hydrated cyclyzed, 2-hydroxy-alpha, 4-trimethilcyclohexanemethanol, Citronelol



Certification Certification

Ministry of Rural Development & Food International distinction

Colour Colour



Gentle mint – lemon

Package sizePackage size


Safety phrases Safety phrases

Use biocides in a safe way, always read the label and instructions for use


Allerg-STOP Antikounoupiko 100 ml 14,90€

Why Allerg-STOP Antikounoupiko

The innovation of Allerg-STOP Antikounoupiko is due to the active ingredient isolated from the eucalyptus extract which repels insects, with the chemical formula p-menthane-3,8-diol. The ingredient is isolated from the rest of the eucalyptus extract by multiple molecular distillations resulting in a product with 100% purity, in a specialized GMP closed circuit production plant. Allerg-STOP Antikounoupiko has 20% active substance of 100% purity, something also described in the product’s license.


Insect Repulsion Has a Name

It repels effectively with scientifically substantiated tests documented in the product’s MSDS

Dermatologicaly Tested

From Original Dermatest graded excellent


Citronella, DEET, Icaridin, IR3535 Manufactured in a GMP(Good Manufacturing Practises) environment

Suitable for the Whole Family

It is approved for children of 6 months or older. Unlike most other products on the market it can also be used by pregnant, and lactating women.

Plant Derived Product

The Allerg-STOP Antikounoupiko has an active substance of 100% plant origin from organically grown eucalyptus plantations.

Plant Derived Product

It is 100% biodegradable in a short time and does not affect animals, plants, fish and their food or reproductive chain. It contains a state-of-the-art active substance of high effectiveness and zero environmental impact. It also has an additional toxicological study from the Benakeio Phytopathological Institute * which is documented in its license.

Certified Product

Fullagreen marking

This feature guarantees the ecological origin of the raw materials and compliance with modern quality control standards.

Dermatest marking

Dermatologically tested and rated "excellent" by Original Dermatest ®. The products awarded with this seal keep the promise of a tested and confirmed quality.

Free from danger signs

Allerg-STOP Antikounoupiko is water soluble and free of danger symbols and unwanted symptoms.