Effective protection
from mosquitoes and sandflies
Approved for infants of 6 months or older
as well as pregnant, and lactating women
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Anti-allergic protection
for mattresses and fibers
Effective anti-allergic protection Learn more

Available in all pharmacies

Because you want the best!

You can find the  Allerg-STOP Repellent & Allerg-STOP Antikounoupiko products in all pharmacies. Ask your pharmacist to inform you of the high quality and effectiveness of the Allerg-STOP products.

Why Allerg-STOP

The Allerg-STOP products have been created for those that want the best, with a 100% of the active substances being of plant origin they are especially designed for man and environment.

In addition all products are dermatologically tested by Original Dermatest and are graded EXCELLENT

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