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Dual Action

Allerg-STOP Repellent is an innovative product that is primarily aimed at those who use the  mattress and want to take care of it, to keep it clean and healthy, because even though they use it every day, the mattress cannot be washed, resulting in the accumulation of allergens, germs and dead cells making it unhealthy.

Allergens in the Mattress Nr.1 Cause of Allergies

It is necessary for newborns and children up to 6 years old, for people with sensitive health, people with allergies, conjunctivitis, respiratory and dermatological diseases, etc. Also for those who often travel ,use shared mattresses and in the areas with pets and domestic animals.

Action one fights the cause of allergies

Newborn babies up to six year old  are very sensitive to allergens and if exposed they develop an allergy. For this reason, it is very important to apply Allerg-STOP Repellent to all baby items, crib, mattress, baby carrier, relaxer, stroller, car seat, stuffed toys, and all fabric and fibrous surfaces in the baby’s area such as carpets, furniture upholstery, curtains and air conditioner filters.

Advanced Protection

Allerg-STOP Mosquito Repellent is an advanced mosquito repellent with unique characteristics of 100% Herbal Active Substance, toxicological studies and approvals. It is aimed at those who want to have high protection against mosquitoes, gnats, fleas, ticks, without being exposed to active synthetic chemicals.

It is incredibly suitable for use by sensitive groups such as: infants >6 months, pregnant women, breastfeedings, people with sensitive health, respiratory and dermatological diseases, environmentalists. Recommended by doctors, pediatricians, gynecologists, dermatologists, allergists, etc.


Next Generation Cleaners

Advanced Cleaners for Car Upholstery \ Baby Items \ Carpet Sofa & Mattress \ Yacht Interior

New Advanced Microsplitting Formula Cleaners

The innovative composition of ZER0% contains none of the above. It instantly breaks down all pollutants into millions of microparticles which are easily removed with a damp cloth or microfiber glove. Simple application, just spray and rub!

Cleaner – Stain Remover

Advanced microsplitting product Suitable for all carpets, sofas, and upholstery surfaces made from natural and synthetic fibers or leather that can be washed.

Effectively removes shoe polish, inks, ketchup, mustard, oil, sauces, beverages, juices, milk, chocolate, blood, urine, pet stains, rust, coffee, tea, wine, plastic paint, exhaust gas, airborne dust (e.g. from ventilation/heating systems, environmental dust, etc.) and many more still. It leaves no chemical residue.

Spray Wipe and be Done 

Acts Immediately


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