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We welcome you
to an Allerg-STOP Certified Hotel Member

The Care

The hotel hosting you has taken care of the cleanliness, hygiene and anti-allergic protection of all its mattresses and pillows with the Allerg-STOP Professionals method, which certifies that the property’s mattresses have been properly cleaned and maintained. In addition, Allerg-STOP Repellent with herbal geraniol has been applied, which neutralizes all the allergenic loads accumulated from daily use while at the same time protecting against mites, bedbugs and fleas for the entire duration of its certification.

Now enjoy the hospitality and care of one of the many Allerg-STOP Certified Hotel Members in Greece and Cyprus,  for a carefree vacation with the best sleep you’ve ever had!


To sleep better than ever

Allerg-STOP Cetificated member

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Why Allerg-STOP Repellent?


Allerg-STOP is the leading product in the world for the care and hygiene of mattresses and fibrous surfaces, holding the 1st PULIRE Innovation Award in the quality of life category in 2008.


Neutralizes allergens in the mattress, dust mites, animal hair, mold spores, pollen. Effectively repels mites, bed bugs, fleas.


With 100% pure herbal geraniol. No insecticides. No.1 in efficiency. No danger markings. Long duration of protection..

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Highly cared for mattresses & Anti-Allergic Protection!

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